Athena is our 2 year old lil'momma. She is American AKC Registered.  You'll never find a sweeter girl! Athena is 110lbs and 33 inches to the shoulder.

​**We have puppies from Athena & Opi right now!**

Nalah is our 3 year old sweetheart.  She is Euro/American, AKC Registered.  She has 17 Champs in her background; including GMJ's The Five Card Studd, International Champs, World Champ Nikiforos a Del Castello Delle Rocche, just to name a few. Nalah weighs 140lbs and is 35 inches to the shoulder.

​**We have puppies from Nalah & Opi right now!**

Rock Hill Great Danes

Lily is my......she's unexplainable.  She is my heart.  Most loyal fur family that I have ever met.  Lily is 12 years old, we've had her since she was 6 weeks old; AKC Registered.  She is 135lbs and 34 inches to the shoulder. **SHE IS RETIRED.  BE PREPARED TO STEP OVER HER LAZY BODY AS YOU ENTER MY DOORWAY**

Rock Hill's Almaveri de la Hope is my heart & soul.  We have carried her line for 12 years (4 generations, Lily is her Great Aunt!)  Hope is Euro/American AKC Registered, from Big Ben & Nalah's litter. She carries 67 Champs; including World Champ Nikiforos a Del Castello Delle Rocche, CH GMJ's The Five Card Studd, CH of Germany Elatus Imperial, CH of Hungary Almavari Gerry, and so on.  she weighs 140lbs (at 8mnths old) & is 34 inches to the shoulder. She was born in Jan. 2016 and will be introduced into our breeding program in the Fall 2017.

Rock Hill's Von Gigantic Haus "Opi" is my boy!  Eager to please, and ready for a boat ride!  Opi is 1.5 years old, Black, 75% Euro AKC Registered.  He comes from a long line of blue/black breeding. He weighs 180lbs and is 36 inches to the shoulder.  His father is a direct descendant from Hungary.